An old residence with over 100-year history.
Welcome to Miyajima, and to our guesthouse.

Nice old style Japanese home is waiting you.
Miyajima style old house is now reborn as a guesthouse.

Shiomachi-an, where one waits for a man and time.

Since 12th century, Miyajima was a port for ships who wait for tide and wind.
Those sailors from everywhere heading to Kyoto the old capital.
Everybody stopped by to take rest and pray for a safe voyage.

At this street west of the Itsukushima shrine.
Over 100 years old traditional house is now given a new birth as an inn and Shiomachi-Sushi “Tsurumi”.
We offer a new moment of joy for guests from all over the world.
Welcome to our Shiomachi-an.

About Shiomachi-an


In Shiomachi-an, there are two rooms with capacity of 4 persons each at maximum.
Please have a relaxing stay at our guestroom with traditional interior kept from old residence.


Miyajima Shiomachi-SushiTSURUMI

Seafood served are selected ones such as fresh fishes from the Seto Inland Sea, an ocean around Miyajima.
Sake offered are all from local breweries.
Sushi dinner can be included in accommodation booking.
Lunch menus also recommended for you.

Opening hours
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739-0532 Hiroshima-ken, Hatsukaichi-shi, Miyajima-cho, 73-2

10 minutes by ferry from JR Miyajimaguchi station.
15 minutes on foot from Miyajima ferry pier.